Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool | New Hotspots And Regeneration Projects

Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool

Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool | Property experts are predicting a significant shift in the north and south property markets due to an influx of professionals deciding to move away from London to more affordable areas. Housing in the North is predicted to be in high demand over the coming years. Meanwhile, many areas […]

Student Property Investment Locations: Northern Cities The Ideal Choice

student investment, university

Student Property Investment Locations | The student population across the North has increased over the years. Cities, such as Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield have been grossly affected by this in various ways, including a boost in the economy of the city, making them increasingly popular student property investment locations. Rise In Younger Population In Northern […]

UK Property Investment FAQs Answered by our experts

Liverpool property investment

If you are considering getting started in property investment or expanding your property portfolio, you probably have lots of questions about the process and the latest tax rules and other legal requirements that property investors must comply with in the UK. The good news is that I’m going to answer all of the most common questions for […]

How to Start Investing UK Property

UK Property Investment

How to Start Investing UK Property? When it comes to investing money and making it grow, there are few options that deliver as high returns as property. Due to the huge demand for housing in the UK, as well as the trend of increasing capital growth, property is one of the safest types of investment. […]

How to Set Up Retirement Through Property In Five Years

Early Retirement

A property investment is a commonly-used asset that can help deliver multiple income streams over the long term to achieve financial goals. Designed to deliver freedom and security through passive income. The following plan is just one example of how to set up retirement through property in five years.   Initially, you’ll invest up to £50,000 in a […]

How Inflation And The Cost Of Living Impacts Your Investments

The impact of inflation on investments

Inflation is at a 30-year high, having increased to 9% and experts predict that it could rise to 11% by the end of 2022. Living costs such as food, energy and fuel are spiralling upwards and many households are facing difficult times. Continue reading to find out how inflation and the cost of living will […]

The Top UK Regeneration Projects Of 2022

regeneration off plan projects

For Investors choosing the location of their next property investment, regeneration projects are often a clear indicator that a city is worth investing in. Regeneration Off-Plan projects are often highly sought after by savvy investors, continue reading to find out why.   Manchester Regeneration Projects Manchester has stacked up a collection of impressive regeneration projects over the […]

The Liverpool Property Investment Hotspots You Should Know About

Property experts are predicting a significant shift in the north and south property markets. The housing in the North is predicted to be in demand over the coming years. There has been an influx of professionals deciding to move away from London. They are moving to cheaper areas, where they can benefit from more space […]

Why Boris Johnson’s Resignation Should Affect Your Overseas Investment Strategy

With Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister, the UK economy could once again be in turmoil. But what does Boris Johnson’s resignation mean for Overseas investors including your existing and future investments? Ongoing disruption, like the Pandemic, Brexit, and Ukrainian War, have caused the pound’s value to decline throughout the year. Since the EU referendum […]

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