Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool | New Hotspots And Regeneration Projects

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Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool

Best Areas To Invest In Liverpool | Property experts are predicting a significant shift in the north and south property markets due to an influx of professionals deciding to move away from London to more affordable areas. Housing in the North is predicted to be in high demand over the coming years. Meanwhile, many areas across the North are undergoing significant periods of regeneration. Liverpool has been one of the top cities to benefit from large-scale regeneration and capital investment projects. We have detailed below the Liverpool property investment hotspots to help you make informed investment decisions.


Liverpool: Major Northern Hotspot

In recent years Liverpool has been leading the way as a major northern hotspot. As one of the top ten UK cities for tourism, education, and lifestyle – it’s a great place to live and invest. The city is well-known for its famous music scene, excellent hospitality, vibrant nightlife, historic architecture, and numerous shopping opportunities. Not to mention, Liverpool has consistently been named within the top 3 best UK cities to start a business in recent years!


Along with the £47 million upgrade to the city centre’s highways network, plans for a new cruise line terminal, and the construction of the country’s third largest Premier League stadium for Liverpool FC, Liverpool is not short of transformational developments.


Investment into areas such as Anfield, the Baltic Triangle, and the northern part of the waterfront has delivered huge improvements. Here are some of the other major regeneration and capital investment projects across Merseyside:


Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle Properties 


If you live in Liverpool, you know the Baltic area is the place to be on a weekend, if you don’t live in Liverpool – it’s the place you want to be!


This area regularly draws comparisons to Camden & Shoreditch in London. Distinctively unique with street art and an abundance of independent businesses, bars and eateries. Creativity is the heartbeat of this location which has become Liverpool’s digital hub. Home to the famous Baltic Market, which transformed the previous Cains brewery. 


Since 2012, the Baltic Triangle has converted old buildings into event spaces, bars, and over 1,000 apartments, with a £20 million fund for a new apartment area. 


Boxpark Liverpool, being Boxpark’s newest venue and the first outside of London, is set to have a grand opening on 19 April, 2024, making the Baltic Triangle a more vibrant and bustling hub of cultural and culinary delights, attracting locals and visitors alike to indulge in a diverse array of gastronomic experiences and exciting entertainment offerings. 


This space has also seen the birth of UK & global events ‘Bongo’s Bingo’, along with Ghetto Golf and other themed bars such as Peaky Blinders, The Yellow Submarine & Home Alone bar which has become a new major tourist attraction.


Paddington Village


The 30-acre Paddington Village site is a £1 billion expansion to the city centre’s Knowledge Quarter. The regeneration of this area is expected to create around 10,000 new jobs in Liverpool and is described as a similar type of area to Greenwich Village in New York. The area will include high specification accommodation, as well as state-of-the-art workspaces, hospitality and retail units.


Large Regeneration Of Liverpool Waters


If there’s one place in the UK Advantage would recommend investing in right now, it’s Liverpool’s Waterfront since it’s a low-entry venture with high potential rewards.This development is unlike any other project seen in Liverpool, and in Europe for that matter, as one of Europe’s largest single regeneration projects. 


The city’s waterfront has received a £5.5 billion investment to completely transform the renowned docks. This investment will ensure that the northern docks will reconnect directly to the city centre for the first time in 50 years! 


Creating five new neighbourhoods this will double the city-centre’s waterfront. Set to be occupied with, 315,000 sqm of quality office space, 53,000 sqm of hotel and conference facilities, a new cruise liner terminal plus many more amenities including retail and leisure facilities along with extensive parking. 


Last but not least, this prime location will also host the new stadium of Everton FC, a first in the UK to provision a marina with floating retail units, restaurants & bars.


The demand for long and short-term lets housing in this regeneration area will undoubtedly increase exponentially. All of this ultimately leads to rising property prices and higher rental incomes, which is exactly what most people look for when buying an investment property. 


In the rental market, Liverpool is now competing with cities such as Manchester. This means that Liverpool property investors will benefit from high yields for many years to come. As many investors will appreciate timing is everything in investing, now is the time to invest in this area whilst property prices are still low.


Liverpool Festival Gardens Investment


It is part of the Festival Gardens project, aiming to turn derelict land into 1,500 new eco-friendly homes. The site is located next to Otterspool Promenade in south Liverpool. It was previously a landfill tip, which is why there is a requirement for a large amount of remediation work. Ground infrastructure costs £8.5m, supported by Liverpool City Council, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, and Homes England.


L3 Regeneration Zone


Peel Holdings, which is one of the UK’s largest real estate investment groups, is investing £5.5 billion across the L3 postcode. This includes regeneration of the Princes Dock and the stretch of riverside docks that lead from the city centre to Bootle. This has significantly improved the spectacular waterfront that Liverpool is famous for.


We currently have a prime investment in this location- click here for more details.


Anfield & Bramley Moore


Anfield football stadium, home to Liverpool FC has been significantly expanded following the clubs domestic and European successes in recent years. This directly correlates to more international tourists coming to the area on match days, meaning short-term letting is a particularly lucrative investment strategy in the city.


Everton FC, who are also a Premier League team based in Liverpool, are in the process of constructing and moving to a brand-new stadium on Bramley Moore Dock. It is one of the first football stadiums to be innovatively located on water!


The Growing Economy

There is a growing demand to live in this thriving city;With an expected 20,000 new businesses in the city over the next 30 years, demand for housing, and thus property prices and rental demand, will rise further.


Liverpool offers affordable property prices, much lower than other larger cities, The Land Registry’s latest data in December 2023 highlights that the average apartment price in the UK is £224,757 whereas Liverpool boasts an average price of £133,170, not only will an investment in the city not cost as much as elsewhere but it will generate greater ROI. 


Despite the low entry level,  investing in Liverpool’s property market can achieve high rental returns. With national rates of around 3.35% and Liverpool’s average rental yields of around 5.5%. 


Moreover, house prices are expected to rise in Liverpool in 2024 – defying national predictions of a more affordable property market, showing that now is the best time to invest in Liverpool for great short-term and long-term yields.


Liverpool provides investors with a growing rental market and significant potential capital growth, making it an ideal investment for both long and short term investments. 


Not to mention, short term lets will be in high demand in Liverpool, with 38 million tourists each year due to its many attractions, including being the home of the Beatles and the world famous museums. Now, with the new Everton stadium under construction, the demand for short term accommodation will skyrocket as the city welcomes millions of new visitors.


Read more on our comprehensive analysis on the 5 reasons why you should invest in Liverpool


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We look forward to hopefully seeing you in Liverpool!

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