Answering Your Questions: Holiday Lodge Investments

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Landal Barnsoul holiday lodge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UK holiday accommodation is in huge demand for this year and bookings are being quickly filled for future years too. The UK holiday market is set to be worth a record high of £275 billion by 2025 and savvy property investors are capitalising on this opportunity to invest in holiday rental across the UK.
One example of this is an investment we have for a holiday resort in Scotland. This is giving property investors the opportunity for a luxury holiday lodge investment, which provides guaranteed rent and a 10% uplift on the investment.

Can investors stay in their holiday lodge?

A common question that is asked about these types of property investments is whether investors are allowed to use the lodge they invest in for their personal use.
Due to the fact that the lodge has a guaranteed rent already arranged, there is no option to stay in your lodge. However, investors are provided with the option to stay at another luxury lodge on the resort or any other Landal resort at a discounted price.
Is luxury lodge investment a good property strategy?

Given the relative uncertainty of other property investment strategies such as commercial investment and buy-to-let as a consequence of the pandemic, this property investment opportunity taps into the hot demand for UK holiday accommodation.
Therefore, investors looking for a way to make money in an increasing market and benefit from cheaper luxury lodge holidays might want to find out more information about the investment opportunity.
We believe every strong investment portfolio should contain a holiday lodge. It diversifies from the “normal” buy to let property investment and offers a secure lucrative investment whereby you know your return over 5 years to the exact penny without any surprises.
As the return is guaranteed, the economic situation or demand doesn’t effect your income. Over a 5 year period you will earn a 50% return on your investment regardless of any other factors.

Do Investors own the land the holiday lodge is situated on?

Yes, the investors do own the land the lodge is on, usually, the lodges are part of a resort, and the developers own the land which is transferred to you upon purchase. The developer is the only major Holiday Lodge provider in Europe (that we know of) who not only give you full ownership of the lodge but you also receive the deeds to the land that the lodge sits on. The size and stature of the organisations involved allow the investors to be offered a lot more security than a standard holiday lodge purchase. The Landal Barnsoul luxury holiday lodges are contracted to be sold back to the developer after 5 years. The capital uplift is paid through the developer buyback. After year 5 the investor will receive their initial investment plus 10%.

Are Holiday Accommodation Investments a cost-efficient investment?

With all investments there are no guarantees, there is always risk involved, however, the Landal Barnsoul Lodges offer a 5-year fixed-income guarantee so an investors finances are known for the next 5 years, this alleviates the risk.
Additionally, holiday lodges are a very tax-efficient investment with no hidden charges. There are no management fees to pay, and the lodges are stamp duty and council tax exempt.

Do I need a solicitor to purchase a holiday lodge?

In short No, however again due to the size and stature of the organisations involved there is a legal team in place to help you with any queries you may have in regards to the contract. The contracts were drawn up by one of the oldest soliciting firms in the UK but we understand that some clients may wish to have a helping hand along the way. The legal team are always there to help.

Lodges for phase 3 are selling fast, so contact Advantage Investment Ltd today for more information about the available lodges and for more details about the investment terms.

Click here to view our Landal Barnsoul luxury holiday lodges.

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