Liverpool's Property Market Is Booming

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Discover Why Liverpool Is Becoming The New Northern Hotspot Of The UK!

Rental prices in Liverpool are already showing to be on par with Manchester, yet property prices remain remarkably affordable!

As capital investment continues to flood in and a £5 billion waterfront regeneration project takes shape, Liverpool is poised to become the ideal choice for maximising income and expanding your portfolio.

Don’t miss out on the chance to capitalise on this exciting UK hotspot for your next investment venture…

Low Entry Price

Liverpool offers affordable property prices, much lower than other larger cities, though prices are set to rise by around 27.3% by 2024.

High Returns

With national rates of around 3.35% and Liverpool’s average rental yields of around 5.5%. Liverpool provides investors with significant potential capital growth.

Short Term Lets

Liverpool attracts 38 million tourists each year Now, with the new Everton Stadium under construction, the demand for short-term accommodation will skyrocket

Capital Growth

Liverpool experienced the fastest rise in house prices among UK cities In 2021, with property prices increasing by 23% since 2019. Over the next four years, the market is expected to grow another 14.8%.


Why Invest In Liverpool

Liverpool is a rapidly growing city with its popularity growing year-on-year.

Liverpool’s average rental yields currently deliver around 5.5% return – a much better result when compared to London with the Capital’s income sitting closer to 3%. This return is low, even when compared with the rest of the UK, with national rates hovering around 3.55%.

What makes Liverpool such a good contender is its strong capital appreciation. Seven of Liverpool’s postcodes feature in the top ten best capital appreciation locations in the UK. As Manchester continues to grow, Liverpool has followed suit giving investors lower entry levels whilst delivering similar rents. The regeneration of Liverpool city centre will see its population continue to grow, adding further pressure to local developers.

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Central Point, Liverpool

10% Yield

City Centre Apartments From £130,000

Luxury Liverpool Development | Cavendish Waters

6% Yield

Waterside Apartments In A Central Location From £154,000

The Mauretania

7% Yield

Luxury Waterfront Apartments From £150,000

Liverpool Docks

8% Yield

Off-market project in a prime location, prices from £170,000

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