Liverpool: The Smart Choice for Student Property Investment

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student property investment

Student Property Investment Liverpool | Our experts have outlined the 6 reasons why student property investments are increasing in popularity and why northern cities are ideal for student investments in our previous article. In this blog, we will explain why Liverpool is currently the best location for an investment in the student accommodation sector.

Top Universities: Supply-Demand Imbalance

In the United Kingdom, there is an evident supply-demand imbalance in the student accommodation sector, with an estimated 3:1 ratio of full-time students to available bedrooms. 


Liverpool, being an investment hotpot, offers a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on the burgeoning student property market.


Liverpool boasts four excellent universities, enhancing its reputation as a top destination for higher education. All four universities ranked within the top 100 of the Times University Guide 2022. Other local universities such as The Tropical School of Medicine and Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) were also ranked within the top 100 of this list.

International Students: High Quality Student Property Are In Need

Ranked 22nd globally, Liverpool is an attractive option for international students, contributing to the city’s diverse and vibrant student community.


With over 70,000 students studying in Liverpool, the demand for student accommodation continues to rise.


Besides, Liverpool has one of the largest Chinese student populations in the UK with one-fifth of the city’s student population being Chinese. Chinese students are more likely to opt for high-quality purpose-built student property, highlighting the significant potential of an investment in the Liverpool student property market.

Thriving Nightlife: City Centre Student Property in High Demand

Voted as the best city for nightlife in the UK, Liverpool’s vibrant social scene adds to its appeal for students and boosts the demand for student property located in the city centre.

Future Investment Prospects: Student Retention

Liverpool currently holds the 7th-best graduate rate in the UK, surpassing prestigious institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, highlighting the city’s commitment to academic excellence.


Major companies like Home Bargains, The Very Group, B&M, and others in the city provide ample job opportunities for graduates, resulting in increased student retention and demand for long-term rentals.


With £2 billion worth of investment currently being provided to the city, new businesses and job opportunities are expected to emerge, attracting more students to study and work in the city and further driving the demand for rentals.

Investing In Liverpool’s Student Property Market: Secure Returns

Investing in Liverpool’s student property market offers a promising and secure avenue for investors to maximise their returns. The growing demand for student accommodation, coupled with Liverpool’s vibrant city life and thriving job market, makes it an ideal destination for students and a wise investment choice for property investors. The city’s student market boom has had a cascading effect, benefiting other sectors in the city as well.


The increasing number of students choosing to study in Liverpool has not only boosted the demand for student accommodation but has also brought in more visitors to the city throughout the year. Family and friends visiting students contribute to the short-term lets market, creating additional income opportunities for investors.


Moreover, the many students who choose to stay in the city for work after completing their degrees have led to a surge in demand for long-term rentals, creating a profitable scenario for investors in the student property market.


If you are interested in investing in the student market or need further information, our team of experts are ready to provide personalised investment advice.


For advice that aligns with your specific goals and requirements, please click here and get in touch with us. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you in making informed investment decisions in the student market.


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