Student Property Investment Locations: Northern Cities The Ideal Choice

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Student Property Investment Locations | The student population across the North has increased over the years. Cities, such as Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield have been grossly affected by this in various ways, including a boost in the economy of the city, making them increasingly popular student property investment locations.

Rise In Younger Population In Northern Cities

When considering student property investment locations, a rise in the younger population is essential.


The universities themselves significantly contribute to the local economy as they are large employers in the city.


For example, in 2020 it was estimated that 22,000 jobs in Manchester came from universities. Not only do the students bring in value but the universities offer the local economic stability and jobs for all.


Manchester city centre has seen a rise in population for a while now with a large demand from the younger population.

Local Economy Boost In Northern Cities

Local economy is also important when considering student property investment locations. Universities want their cities to be appealing, modern students take into consideration what surrounds the university, the location, the local amenities, and lodging options.


Therefore, many universities are putting money back into the local economy to make their cities more appealing to potential students.


For instance in 2017, the University of Liverpool contributed £650 million to the Liverpool City Region. This is beneficial to an investor that is looking at Liverpool for a student property investment.


Click here to read detailed analysis of why Liverpool is a smart choice for student property investment locations.

Northern Cities’  Rental Yield Surpass London

When it comes to choosing a student property investment location, the rental yield is an important factor to consider.


Brexit is expected to have a negative impact on cities such as London, but it is expected to fuel the current house price growth in the North.


According to the latest Zoopla Rental Index Dec 2023, North West region offers an average gross rental yield of 6.52%, Liverpool offers 7.43%, while London offers only 4.92%.


However, Advantage can consistently offer a brand new, purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) that provides a 7%+ net yield without management fees.

Student Retention In Northern Cities Brings Investment Opportunities

Another factor to consider when looking at student property investment locations is the fact that many students do not always leave the city after they’ve graduated. 


Many build long-lasting relations with friends and employers – this contributes to the growing demand for housing, and whilst they can’t stay in student accommodation there are opportunities for residential investments in these cities due to the rising demand.


For example, 51% of Glasgow students stay in Glasgow after graduation, higher than anywhere else in the UK, showing not only is Glasgow an opportunity for student property investment but also an option for HMOs or other housing options.

Northern Cities Student Property Investment Key Points To Consider

When looking for student property investments in the northern cities, the important points to consider are rental yields, rental demand, student population and attractive property prices.


The largest student populated cities in the North are:


  1. Manchester
  2. Leeds
  3. Sheffield
  4. Liverpool
  5. Newcastle


Along with the rising housing demand, rising student population and money being driven into these cities, the north provides an ideal location for a student property investment. Not to mention the basic benefits of Student Investment, such as:

No Stamp Duty

Student properties in the northern cities are usually below £250k.

Higher And Longer Assured Return

For student property investments in northern cities, there is a typically guaranteed rental income of 0-5 years for off-plan projects. 


We offer a 10-year rental guarantee on our latest Liverpool student property investment, click here to enquire about this investment today!

Fully Managed

For student properties in northern cities, we offer a completely hands off and hassle free investment for our investors.

Advantage can help you make these investments in up-and-coming cities across the UK. In thriving student cities such as Liverpool, where with our latest PBSA investment we can help you secure an above average rental income of 7% NET with a 10 year rental assurance.


Click now to find out more about Camden House – a luxury new build student property located in Liverpool city centre.


Advantage Investment can personally source yourstudent investments in these cities depending on your specific requirements and investment goals, contact us today to speak to one our expert investment consultants:


+44 (0)151 433 9300

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