Emily Montgomery-Smith

Emily Montgomery-Smith

Property Investment Consultant

About Emily Montgomery-Smith

Emily is a seasoned investment consultant, driven by her passion for property and the built environment. Her journey began with a fascination for buildings and structures, leading to an academic pursuit that honed her understanding of the built environment. Emily’s passion for property led her to get her degree in the construction field, Quantity Surveying. This provided her with a solid understanding of the phases of construction, contract law and cost planning.


In Emily’s personal life, she has explored a few different avenues of investing. With this experience, she intimately understands the challenges and opportunities that investors face in the ever-evolving property market. Emily’s firsthand experience navigating various investment strategies equips her with practical insights that she brings into her consulting to benefit her clients.


As a consultant, Emily brings a patient and diligent approach to every interaction. She prioritises active listening, ensuring that she fully understands her clients’ needs, goals, and concerns. Drawing upon her expertise and years of experience, she guides her clients through the process with care and precision. When analysing investment opportunities and managing portfolios, she tailors her guidance to suit each client’s unique circumstances. She makes every client feel secure in their investment decisions by providing them with the thoroughness and due diligence to be 100% confident in their decision.


In Emily’s personal life, she has a diverse blend of interests and experiences. She enjoys pub quizzes, puzzles, and has a unique passion for mathematics. She also spent many years as a professional cheerleader. These varied experiences have shaped her into a dynamic individual with a zest for life and a great outlook, which she loves to share with her clients and colleagues.

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