Ryan Caramba-Coker

Ryan Caramba-Coker

Sales Manager

About Ryan Caramba-Coker

Ryan has a diversified sales background from his eight years of working in the field. Ryan’s extensive experience has honed his skills in working with people from all walks of life, understanding their needs, and delivering results.


In the past, Ryan worked as a freelancer, focusing on sourcing property investment deals for clients across the UK. Now, he has expanded his scope, working with clients not only in the UK but also across the globe. Ryan expresses his enthusiasm for the wide range of investment opportunities offered by Advantage Investment, which he can now provide to his clients.


Ryan takes pride in his role as an expert in the field, offering guidance to investors with varying levels of experience. When assisting clients in making decisions about their property investments, he follows a set of criteria: Does the investment promise consistent monthly cash flow? Will it appreciate significantly in equity over time and allow for refinancing options? Does it offer an easy exit strategy if the client wishes to sell in the future? If these questions receive affirmative answers, Ryan deems it a sound investment.


While property investment has become his passion, Ryan also describes himself as a sociable and adventurous individual. During his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and exploring new cities and countries. This aligns with his love for property investments, as it allows him to witness various architectural designs and understand what makes a location in high demand for both residents and visitors alike.


Ryan extends an invitation to anyone looking to begin or expand their investment journey. He welcomes the opportunity to be the person who assists in achieving their investment goals and can be reached at +44 (0)151 433 9302 or via email at ryan@advantageinvestment.co.uk.

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