Tom Eastaway

Tom Eastaway


About Tom Eastaway

Tom Eastaway holds a prominent position as the Director at Advantage Investment and Advantage Real Estate and Investments. His distinguished tenure spanning over 10 years in property investment has honed his expertise and solidified his status as a seasoned professional in the field.


Tom’s pivotal role in advancing Advantage’s global presence is noteworthy. He played a crucial part in spearheading the company’s international expansion into vibrant markets such as Spain and Dubai, reflecting his strategic vision and enterprising spirit.


Renowned for his strategic acumen, Tom possesses a visionary approach that consistently positions him at the forefront of identifying emerging trends and promising investment opportunities. His knack for perceiving shifts in the market landscape allows him to provide clients with astute guidance, helping them navigate toward prosperous ventures.


At the heart of Tom’s approach is his unwavering dedication to clients. His client-centric ethos is reflected in his commitment to delivering personalised attention and tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each individual. Tom’s personalised strategies are a testament to his belief in the power of customisation to create meaningful and impactful investment experiences.


With a wealth of experience, a visionary outlook, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Tom Eastaway serves as an instrumental driving force in Advantage’s journey of success. His leadership propels the company and its clients toward a future brimming with prosperous investment possibilities.


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