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Discover Luxury Staycations

Experience the allure of our luxury lodges, a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, nestled in prime UK locations.
These lodges offer investors an unrivalled opportunity, combining the serenity of nature with top-tier amenities.

Whether it’s the modern architectural designs, the plush interiors, or the panoramic views that surround, each lodge promises an exceptional return on investment 

8% Guaranteed Return!

Rental Assurance for 5 Years!

Prime Locations

Luxury holiday resorts in sought after uk countryside hotspots.

Below Market Value

Invest from as low as £55K Whilst units remain.

The Rising Short-Term Let Demand

The demand for UK staycations has seen significant growth in recent years.

With the UK holiday market projected to reach £275 billion by 2025, costs have risen, making places like scenic Cornwall pricier than Spain.


This shift offers an appealing investment opportunity, particularly in luxury lodges set in picturesque countryside, promising comfort and open spaces. This is your opportunity to capitalise on a trend that’s showing no signs of losing momentum.

Why Invest In UK Holiday Lets?


An effective way to boost your returns. Relying on a single property investment carries risk.

Higher Rental Income

You can command higher rental rates than long-term rentals. They complement a long-term rental, by diversifying your income sources.


You can use the property for personal holidays when it's not booked, giving you the option to enjoy the property yourself.

Capital Appreciation

Holiday Destinations often appreciate in value, which can lead to capital gains when you decide to sell the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rising trend in UK staycations and the lodges’ prime locations ensure a consistent demand, promising a good ROI.

Yes, we offer comprehensive property management solutions to ensure a hassle-free experience for our investors.

Certainly. We can arrange viewings for serious investors to experience the lodges firsthand.

The ROI for our luxury lodges is highly competitive, offering a guaranteed 8% return for 5 years. It’s a lucrative investment option in the thriving UK staycation market.

The rising trend in UK staycations and the lodges’ prime locations ensure a consistent demand, promising a good ROI.

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