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We have extensive experience in securing mortgages for non-UK residents and helping to establish a UK limited company.

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Why invest in the uK with Advantage investment?

Sovereign Point property in Liverpool

Secure A UK Mortgage

We are dedicated to assisting you in securing a UK mortgage, ensuring a seamless process that empowers you to confidently invest in UK property. Our team is committed to providing expert guidance and support throughout, making your journey into UK property investment a smooth and successful one.


Open A UK Limited Company

We can help you to set up a UK limited company, this will provide you with several benefits. Having a limited company in the UK will provide you with a solid legal structure, offering personal liability protection and separating personal and business assets, enhancing financial security and safeguarding your personal wealth.


A UK limited company can optimise tax efficiency, potentially reducing the overall tax burden on your investment returns.


Vaux property in Liverpool

10% Payment Plan

The UK offers a flexible payment plan, with many investments only requring 10% of the funds to exchange


High returns with a low entry cost...

The UK property market

The dynamic UK property market is full of diverse opportunities where investors can seize the advantage of securing high-yield, off-plan properties tailored to their unique goals. Explore lucrative options with us and embark on a journey towards building a robust and profitable property portfolio.

15% Off-Plan Discount Price

Similar to overseas, UK property prices are priced around 15% below their market value during the off-plan stage. Investing in off-plan will allow you to benefit from capital appreciation once your property completes.


Camden House student investment property in Liverpool

Access To Investments Across The UK

We offer investments throughout the UK and in prime UK hotspots, including but not limited to: London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.


Discover a range of investment options with us, from residential and vacation lodges to short-term rentals (like Airbnb) and student accommodations – providing a variety of investment opportunities, we cater to both completed and off-plan preferences, ensuring options that align with your unique investment goals.


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Immediate Income Opportunity - Back to Market

Discover a new prime 2-bed apartment, fully furnished and ready for tenancy, recently back to market.

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